Enrollment Process

  1. Go to the Course Catalogue page ( link here ), make your course selection.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions and confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by signing the enrollment form.
  3. Fill out the application form with the following details:
    • Course title
    • Applicable course fees as published in the enrollment form
    • Full details of the course student as seen on our downloadable form (link)
  4. E-Mail/Fax your signed Enrollment Form + form to our address (sfcc.admissions@gmail.com)
    • Attention: SF City Admissions
For any questions you have during the process, contact us using the contact form available here link.


We will verify your course selection and payment information within 3 business days and a confirmation will be sent, by email, with the following details:

    1. Course Name
    1. Date/Location/Times
    1. Course Agenda
    1. Materials list – what you will need to bring with you to class
    Directions and Accommodations
Download the SFCC Admission Form here.

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