Financial Aid

Academic Scholarships

Valedictorians and Salutatorians with certification of their title accepted into the college may be shortlisted for an Academic Scholarship. Valedictorians and Salutatorians are granted a scholarship of 100% basic tuition fee. Approved scholars will be required to maintain a GWA of 1.00 (98-100).

Financial Grants

SF City College expresses its initiative to educate people of all social conditions. Financially-challenged students are no exception to this privilege, which is the founding aim of the college’s Financial Grant program.

There are limited spots held open in this program during each academic year, and eligible scholars are reviewed in their intellectual abilities and corresponding academic records, their clear financial need as declared in a Financial Aid form, and their willingness to provide extracurricular services to the school in the form of assistance to administrative and curating activities within the campus.

Government and Private Scholarships

Scholarships issued by government agencies and foundations are also taken into account by SF City College as part of its mission to welcome any opportunity to educate. Recipients of this type of scholarship may present their certification upon application for a slot in the school’s undergraduate programs.